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Print out the FEMA how to make an emergency kit:

Printout the CDC how to make an emergency kit:

Printout the FEMA emergency drinking water treatment instructions:

Print out the EPA emergency drinking water treatment instructions:

Watch my 9 in 1 Emergency flashlight review and purchase link:

Watch my Heat and eat dry mix:

Watch the Ultimate $50 budget bug out bag:

Get a FREE food sample from WISE emergency foods and put it aside: (maybe you can ask relatives or friends to sign up for 1 as well and bring it to you then you put them aside)

Download & print the mountain house emergency checklist:

I would say If your putting money your want to prep as a hobby. If your putting time into take caring of your family your obviously not spending it on drugs. It shows leadership, intelligent and fore thought of planing for the future for things that most people overlook.

STEP 1: Print out the FEMA and CDC 72 hour emergency preparedness guides. Make several copies, 1 in your bug out bag, one in your “bad weather box, one in your composition notebook. Print out articles on previous disasters, when your parents ask why you are doing this give them the articles and the CDC and FEMA printouts.

STEP 2: get a composition note book. The first page will be “what to do in an emergency” line by line write down the steps to take in case you are overwhelmed and cant remember under stress or if you parents help you. The note book page 1 will start like this:
1. text family members a quick message, texts sometimes make it though when a call will not.
2. Fill ALL containers with water, glasses, bowls, bathtub anything that can safely hold water.
3. Use ALL cash on hand to buy whatever you can if you live near a store, money will soon be useless or stores empty
This composition notebook will also be a inventory list, a checklist for your bug out bag (so you can replicate it if others need help), this notebook will also be for tricks, tips and ideas you have about prepping.

STEP 3: Make an emergency “bad weather” box. This is the basic steps recommended by FEMA and CDC. With a flashlights, batteries, can opener, canned goods and heat and eat foods like instant rice, ramen noodles.

STEP 4: Make a bug out bag. This will be for a minimum of 3 days, this brings your supplies to 6 days total. Use ONLY “Instant” or “just add water” items. Spam (no need for can opener), pre packaged mylar tuna or chicken, Ramen noodles, Instant rice, Instant mash potatoes, pre made quick cook items even in their own container like mac&cheese, bean mixes, rice mixes you don’t need a microwave you just pour in hot water and wait you can even put a few light weight items like Instant drink packets, instant hot chocolate packets, instant coffee packets. beef jerky MAKE SURE TO CHECK DATES EVERY SO OFTEN!

STEP 5: Collect “food grade containers” from the grocery store. They throw them out anyway so they will not mind giving them to you. Take them, clean them out, dry them, stack them up, cover the top one to keep them ready. WATER IS LIFE. If SHTF you would fill them up right away. It is not the ideal situation but if it’s the best you can do, then DO IT

STEP 6: Go into your pantry look for food canned goods high in protein tuna fish, beans, pork and beans or even spam and canned fruit and vegetables NO CORN. Its not the idea situation but it sure beats starving.

STEP 7: Try and grow what you can. Ask for small buckets and the grocery store, or make hanging pots out of milk cartons. Of course it will not be enough to feed your family but it will help supplement the food you have. Your body will need vitamins and minerals and canned or instant food will not do it.

STEP 8: Get your hands on “quite” hunting items like mouse traps, slingshots or BB gun (NO CO2) they will run out. In Venezuela they are hunting birds dogs and cats. You want to do things quietly while people around you are hungry.

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“teen preppers” “teenage preppers” “kid preppers” “young preppers”
“How to back a bug out bag” “What if a natural disaster”
“What if a Hurricane” “What if a Typhoon” “What if a tornado” “What if a flood” “What if a blizzard” “What if an Earthquake”
“What if a Emp attack” “What if a tsunami” “What if a blizzard” “What if a blackout” “What if a power outage” “What if a riot” “What if a forest fire” “What to so if a solar flare” “What do if martial law” “What to do iF SHTF”

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